11 January 2011

Picture of the Week

The Taj Mahal

This was a shot we took on a late afternoon visit to the Taj. Possibly the most amazing Architectural achievement we have seen. As with everywhere else in India, the crowds were remarkable, to say the least.

I was searching for a different perspective from which to take my shot of the 'Taj', and also find some "calm".

My search took me to one of the red sandstone gates that surround the Taj. I was able to frame the main building, minus the Turrets, within the arched entrance to the Gate.

I waited as the setting sun gave the gates a deep reddish tone. The slow shutter speed blurs the person walking in front of the gates, finishing the shot off and giving an indication of the scale of the building and a sense of permanence to the iconic land mark which will endure for generations to come.

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