19 August 2009

Ready to go...

The bags are packed, the camera batteries are charged and we've both finished work, now it's just the long wait before we can head to the airport and board the plane!

We have a ridiculous amount of camera equipment, charge leads and external harddrives (for storing the expected thousands of pics to be taken with all that camera equipment).

Our plane leaves at 3am - a terrible time to be leaving - and travels via Dubai, where we have just a 3 hour 55 minute stopover (not quite long enough to get the free meal that Adrian is sure we are entitled to if we are there for more than four hours!!)

And by 7pm Thursday we will be touching down in Nairobi!

16 August 2009

3 Weeks in Kenya

Pre-trip Research

In order to get the most out of your trip pre-trip research is essential. We will be leaving Melboroune on August 20th, and flying to Nairobi. We are flying with Emirates, which is great as they are our favourite airline.

Actually it is also great fun sourcing and tracking down information about your proposed trip location. We have been discussing another trip to Africa for several years. We have chosen Kenya as our destination, they have a reputation for quality game viewing in world class national parks.After many hours of trawling through endless internet pages and emailing many tour operators, we have settled on Menengai Holidays LTD to take our tour with. This wasn't an easy process. Basically inorder to get the best deal we wanted to use a local operator directly. But sorting the wheat from the chaff so to speak isn't easy. But after reading several forums it became apparent that the Kenya Association of tour Operators (KATO) would be a goog place to start. KATO has a great system where you fill out a form, including details such as duration, type of trip and price you want to pay. This is then tendered to KATO's members and the members themselves email you with options. It worked really well for us, and we were most impressed with Menengai. Their responses were prompt and professional (with that likable African touch).We have now booked our flights, we look forward to boarding our Emirates flight to Nairobi on August 20th this year.On arrival in Nairobi we will be picked up from the airport by our guide from Menengai, on the next day (the 21st August) we drive off to Amboseli NP. As the big man in the loud shirt was once heard to say "I'm excited".