19 January 2011

Getting ready for Europe

Flights are booked and a rough itinerary is done, we’re off to Europe. We are so prepared this time; we’ve even booked most of our accommodation. This is in stark contrast to our usual travel style which consists of booking flights a few months before we leave, nutting out a rough plan of where we want to go and then turning up at the airport just in time to check in and board the flight.

I would not recommend this approach for anyone travelling to India! Somewhat foolishly, when we travelled to India a couple of years ago we arrived in Delhi at 3am and headed straight to New Delhi station to board a train for Gwalior. Fighting off Tuk Tuk drivers and keeping one step ahead of travel scammers is not easy after a 16 hour flight!

And walking through cities with a heavy backpack searching out appropriate accommodation is fun for about the first 20 minutes, after that, it just becomes an annoying way to see a city!

On the flip side, there are of course some benefits to just turning up – being able to check out the room in person and not relying on the out of date images in brochures and on websites is a definite plus. You can also often get great deals this way.

And of course you are not tied to any schedule – you can come and go as you please.
We’re planning our tried and true method for the two and a half weeks we are in Switzerland, but for the rest of the trip, we have our accommodation sorted.

Our preparedness this time around is not so much a reflection of us being organised, but comes out of necessity. With the parents planning to join us part way through the trip, we know they won’t cope with our turn up and see how it goes approach to travel!

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