31 July 2010

Cheetahs in India

If I'm to believe my local paper, and there's no reason for me not to, it seems cheetahs will be returned to India.

I'm excited and nervous about this story! We were in India a couple of years ago and spent three days trying to find tigers. While we saw paw prints and scratching marks, and monkeys on high alert, we didn't see any tigers. We've spent some time in Africa on safari, so know that is the luck of the draw. But somehow safari in India just doesn't seem as well organised or to be taken as seriously as in Africa and I fear humans and wildlife do not mix.

29 July 2010

Living through other people's travel

So, with no travel plans in sight we are currently living through other people's travels! We've been updating our kitchen, so home has been out of control - using the laundry as a kitchen, dishes all over the spare room, dining table in the living room and chairs in our bedroom! It's a mess. The kitchen is just about finished and the house is slowly getting back to normal so I'm starting to think we need to begin organising a holiday soon!