07 April 2010

Easter at Venus Bay

Another Easter has come and gone - hard to believe. We always go away with four of our best friends. This year we also had two kids - a three year old and a six month old with us, which added a whole new element to holidaying!

We hired a house at Venus Bay, a beautiful new home not too far from the beach and a short walk into town.

The house was huge, but only had one bathroom - they could easily have fitted another bathroom in the house!

Ah well, mental note, six adults need two bathrooms! (I realise how ridiculous this is in the west we are fortunate to have a single bathroom let alone needing two!)

Anyway, off my moral highground now and back to the holiday.

Surprisingly we have never been to Venus Bay - Wilson's Prom many times, even Cape Liptrap, but never Venus Bay. It's got a beautiful village feel to it. Unfortunately we couldn't fit our bikes in the car, but I imagine it would be a fantastic place to ride bikes.

The beaches are beautiful, even if a little rough (fortunately as it was Easter the idea of swimming definitely didn't enter my mind, however there were quite a few people who did brave the cold!)

Went down to Walkerville to have a look at the limestone kilns, it was absolutely packed. We have been to the kilns before, and there was no one around, this time, the car park was full as was the beach. Few people however took the walk to see the kilns.

The kilns are in varying states of erosion, but they do form an interesting part of Victorian history.

We also visited Bunnerong Marine Park, at low and high tide. Low tide is definitely better! While the rock formations are interesting at high tide, it is far better to be able to walk around the rocks, viewing them from every angle.

At low tide you can also see the flat rocks and the caves. At high tide, these are both covered.

02 April 2010

Pardon the Typos

The Books out!
Yes we have finally got our act together and printed a book of our trip to Kenya.
We used Blurb (www.blurb.com) and are really pleased with the results.
Here is a link http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/750848/08fec376ea1bd648e4309263d711ff87