19 November 2011

Travelling with the inlaws

I’ve realised we must be suckers for punishment! We’ve just finished booking a trip with the inlaws – not any old trip, a roadtrip!

But you see the thing is, it is our second road trip this year, with our inlaws! Different set this time, but still…
In July we spent three weeks travelling through the UK with Ade’s parents, more on that trip in a later blog post, and this time we will be travelling with my parents, and their friend from the UK.

This time we are heading straight up the east coast of Australia, well not quite straight up, more like curving our way up the coast from Melbourne to Brisbane via Lakes Entrance, Newcastle, Batemans Bay and Coffs Harbour.

Eight days, five adults, one car.

The scenery looks stunning and fortunately, we have limited the hours of travel in the car to about four hours a day.

The benefit of going with mum and dad, I recently discovered, is that mum, who is recently retired and has an affinity with the internet, got to and booked almost all the accommodation for us.

So, with itinerary in hand, we begin the countdown to another roadtrip and the anticipation of this time seeing our own amazing country!

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