29 July 2010

Living through other people's travel

So, with no travel plans in sight we are currently living through other people's travels! We've been updating our kitchen, so home has been out of control - using the laundry as a kitchen, dishes all over the spare room, dining table in the living room and chairs in our bedroom! It's a mess. The kitchen is just about finished and the house is slowly getting back to normal so I'm starting to think we need to begin organising a holiday soon!

My parents are currently in Europe, making their way up the Danube. I've been following their trip with great envy - 10 weeks in the UK and Europe! But here we are stuck at work. It seems like everyone has travel plans at the moment, my brother is in Malaysia, another friend has just got back from Malaysia and a friend today said he is heading off to Europe soon.

I just want to head to the beach - somewhere warm! We've been looking at Malaysia, Hawaii, Fiji, the Cooke Islands and Vanuatu, but haven't made a decision and haven't really had time to look while we've been doing the kitchen!

There are some really good deals around the moment - even within Australia, which is just confusing us more! I just want a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, and warm weather, oh and a luxurious lodge, sounds like bliss!

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