19 September 2009

Lake Nakuru and all those flamingoes

Day 7
Another long drive, this time from Samburu to Lake Nakuru. We made it through the Somalian and Samburu villages without any hitches, though did get mobbed again at the sign in point at Isoilo by a woman trying to sell us bananas and a man trying to sell us bracelets, knives or letter openers.

Samburu Lodge was a beautiful resort, though the shower left a lot to be desired! And you did have to watch out for the monkeys, one morning a cheeky monkey came and stole a croissant right off my plate, frightened the life out of me and I think I frightened the life out of all the other diners with my screeching!
Lake Nakuru was quite a big town and the accommodation was lovely, I'm not quite sure whether it was technically inside or outside the national park, nestled on Honeymoon Hill, but we certainly could see buffalo and zebra from the campsite. The only drawbacks to the accommodation was the lack of a swimming pool, and the location right under large power lines.

But other than that, the food was the best we have had so far, and the staff were all so friendly. The tents were nice, with comfortable beds and again we were given hot water bottles – not that we really needed them, it is a luxury that in Africa you can certainly do without!!

But the best thing about Lake Nakuru would have to be the pink flamingoes, hundreds of thousands of them sitting on the lake – they look amazing! We also saw plenty of rhino in Lake Nakuru.
There were also baboons, antelope and lots of giraffe – despite the fact that the rothschild giraffe, which is the giraffe in this national park, is actually endangered!

Day 8

We were up and out early to try and spot leopard, apparently this is the best place to see leopard, there are apparently 60 in the park. We no sooner got into the park when we were told someone had spied a leopard walking so we raced to the spot to try and see the leopard, Ade was still a little upset that he hadn't got better shots in Samburu. So we raced on to try and find it.
We were out of luck, despite going up and down the area slowly slowly for much of the morning. The day was excellent however, we again saw many rhino including two rhino doing the wild thing – rhino porn, that's something I certainly never expected to see in my lifetime!
We searched and searched for leopard, but had no luck at Lake Nakuru and retired early – a little earlier than Ade would have liked, I think, but I think Jackson was a little exhausted after the early start, and sitting in a van trying to spot animals is tiring work!

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